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Download 7 tips for coping with anger here.

The Mental Health Foundation published the following statistics in their publication called "Boiling Point (problem anger and what we can do about it":Anger Management couple fightingImage by Freepik

  • Almost a third of us (32%) say we have a close friend or family member who has trouble controlling their anger. This is higher among women and young people. 

  • Less than one in eight of us (12%) say that we have trouble controlling our own anger. This is higher among women, young people and people living in Scotland (17% compared to 9% of those living in the South of England).

  • More than one in four of us (28%) say that we worry about how angry we sometimes feel. This is higher among men, younger people, and people living in Scotland.

  • One in five of us (20%) say that we have ended a relationship or friendship with someone because of how they behaved when they were angry. This is higher among women, middle-aged people, and people in Scotland.

Whatever the statistics, if anger is a problem for you, then the good news is that the Craigie Partnership's team of psychologists can help.  

Understanding our anger triggers, finding ways to cope with stress and learning techniques such as relaxation can help reduce anger symptoms to within normal, healthy levels.  Some anger in some situations is perfectly acceptable (if you saw an adult push over a relative or friend in the street, for example).  At other times, explosive anger is unhelpful (for example road rage) and could end up causing you significant problems or even result in you losing your job, relationship, or personal freedom.

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